How to fix 0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume (AIX)

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Yesterday , I was at a customer`s site and when I tried to expand a filesystem , the following error appeared :

# chfs -a size=+10G /unixhood
0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume hd11admin
is 512.


In a nutshell ,That means the max number of allowable LV in that filesystems in 512 and when we try to increase/epand the filesystems it refuses because the number of LV would get beyond 512 ,so what we gonna do it to increase the maximum allowable LV for that filesystem  .

We can do that in 2 ways CLI and smitty :

In the following explanation,I am going to set the max number of LV to 800 which may differ in you case!



# chlv -x 800 hd11admin

then expand the filesystem


2) smitty

smitty chlv –>  Change a Logical Volume –> Press Enter –>LOGICAL VOLUME name — >Press F4

then chose the desired LV and a smitty menu like the following will appear :

chlvthen change the value of  ” MAXIMUM NUMBER of LOGICAL PARTITIONS” from  512 to 800 and press enter.the following step is to increase/expand your filesystem !

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